New national standard room temperature adhesives

This product is a one-component adhesive material, which is used in the construction of new national standard water-seeping runways

New National Standard Slurry Products

This product is a two-component material, used for the construction of the new national standard non-permeable runway, this product not only meets the new national standard liquid

New national standard silicon PU material

This product is a new type of one-component polyurethane court surfacing material, which is professionally used in the laying of various silicon PU courts, and the product fully meets the requirements of GB36246-2018 "Primary and Secondary School Synthetic Material Surface Sports Field".

Polyether POP36/28

When transporting POP36/28, it should be strictly protected from rain and staining, and should be carefully and gently handled to prevent leakage due to collision with hard objects.

Polyether POP45

POP45 mainly works to improve the hardness of foam, and among all polymer polyols, the product has the most obvious effect of improving hardness

Polyether POP40

POP40 is a polymer polyol grafted and polymerized with styrene and acrylonitrile in polyether, which is suitable for the production of highly elastic foams, especially for block foams, elastic cushions, automotive and high-speed rail seats, mattresses and other applications.

Polyether MN-3050D

MN-3050D is a glycerol with a 3 functional 3000 molecular weight low unsaturated polypropylene oxide ether.

Polyether MN-1000

MN-1000 is a polyether polyol using KOH as a catalyst with a functional level of 3 and a molecular weight of 1000.