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Service calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Rapid Response

Professional technical engineers call back within 10 minutes, determine the solution within 1 hour, and dispatch engineers within 1 day.

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Fast delivery and customization

Fast delivery of orders, full tracking service.
Provide personalized customized solutions.

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After-sales support

Establishment of service network system
After-sales guidance network system



◇ One-stop service with high quality, high efficiency and all-round service

In order to better serve customers, through the establishment of a sound customer service system, effectively provide customers with high quality, high efficiency, all-round service. On the one hand, it provides customers with perfect quality services, maintains and continuously improves customer satisfaction with the enterprise, and enhances the brand awareness and reputation of the enterprise. On the other hand, it improves the repeat purchase rate of customers, thus creating a steady stream of business opportunities for the enterprise.


◇ Order confirmation to arrange delivery within 24 hours

Shandong general warehouse as the center, set up a number of sub-warehouse, to ensure that the customer order confirmation within 24 hours to quickly arrange delivery.


Five-star after-sales service

The whole process provides customers with one-stop communication and negotiation on orders, payments, goods, transportation, construction and other issues, and effectively provides customers with high-quality, high-efficiency and all-round services.

five star after sales hotline:400-1025-643


◇ Engineer engaged in sports floor material construction for 20 years

Our engineering department has a group of senior engineers with more than 20 working years, and is equipped with a professional construction team, which can provide high-quality and professional construction guidance, equipment purchase, product construction teaching, foundation layer diagnosis, etc. during project construction.


◇ Professional real-time construction guidance

In case of construction problems, our company will respond within 24 hours to assist customers to find out the key to the problem, avoid working hours delay and ensure the smooth progress of the project.


◇ Project Foundation Judgment and Analysis

According to customer needs, we can evaluate the foundation of the project to determine whether the construction can be carried out on this basis, and if there is a problem, how to further strengthen the foundation and adapt to the construction.