Production mode of nano-aerogel thermal insulation coating

Sep 13,2023

Production mode of nano aerogel thermal insulation coating

Advantages and quotations of aerogel thermal insulation coatings for construction

The main components of aerogel architectural insulation coating are special high-performance resin emulsion, high-performance thermal insulation materials prepared by special processes using SiO2 aerogel and hollow glass beads as thermal insulation materials, water as solvents, and special processes. A dense thermal insulation layer is formed on the surface of the coated object, which can effectively block the conduction of solar radiation heat and heat radiation in the air, and reduce the heat exchange between the inside and outside of the coated object.

As a thermal insulation coating, aerogel insulation coating composed of primer and topcoat can be applied to the energy-saving transformation of building facades, roofs and metal storage tanks, with the advantages of light weight, safety and fire prevention, environmental protection and long service life.

Second, product characteristics:

(1) The material is light and crack-resistant, eliminating the hidden danger of falling off.

(2) Simplify construction processes and improve space utilization.

(3) Greatly reduce the difficulty of construction inorganic waste disposal.

(4) Avoid the problem of falling off caused by the thick insulation layer.

Third, product application:

It is mainly used for thermal insulation and heat insulation of building exterior, building curtain wall, wall roof, etc., and is also suitable for industrial low temperature pipelines, storage tanks, communication base stations, ships, automobile transportation industry and other fields.

Application benefits

( 1 ) Safe and environmentally friendly, friendly to the ecological environment

The material uses water as solvent, does not contain volatile harmful compounds, the production process and use process are safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and foam insulation materials, mineral fiber, glass wool and other materials will produce harmful substance residues.

( 2 ) Simple construction and low cost

The traditional insulation material construction process is 7~15, and the aerogel material construction process is 5, which can effectively reduce the construction difficulty, shorten the construction period and ensure the construction safety by spraying process.

(3) Sound insulation and noise reduction, long service life

Aerogel coating on buildings has good sound insulation and noise reduction function, with water-based heat reflection materials and water-based waterproof materials with different functions synergistic with each other, forming a complete thermal insulation or thermal insulation and waterproof function, the service life can reach ten years.

(4) Thinner thickness, better thermal insulation performance

The material is composed of architectural aerogel thermal insulation coating + water-based heat reflective material synergistic, with the dual role of thermal insulation and heat insulation, and the thickness of aerogel coating 2-3mm is equivalent to 30-40mm thickness of traditional insulation materials similar to the thermal insulation effect.

(5) Crack resistance and self-cleaning

The crack resistance and self-cleaning of aerogel coatings are very good, which can avoid cracking or even falling off of thermal insulation materials and exterior finishes caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Production mode of nano aerogel thermal insulation coating