Factors affecting the thermal stability of polyurethane prepolymers

Sep 13,2023

Thermal stability is also an important property of polyurethane prepolymers. In general, whether it is external or the polyurethane prepolymer itself, we need to be able to grasp these factors well during production and use.

In general, the main factors affecting the thermal stability of polyurethane prepolymers are: storage environment, temperature and degree of polymerization. The heat resistance of polyurethane prepolymers varies with the type of flexible segment. In general, under the same conditions, the heat resistance of polyester is better than that of polyether, because the intermolecular force of polyester is greater than that of polyether. However, the molecular weight of the flexible segments has no significant effect on the thermal stability of the polyurethane prepolymer.

Regarding these effects, it is important to pay more attention to the effects of changes in the external environment, temperature and the polyurethane prepolymer itself during the production process. Many times, details also affect the results so that we can have more control over them.