How the concentration of polyurethane prepolymer raw materials is ensured

Sep 13,2023

In fact, many of the products we use have strict requirements and regulations during the preparation process, and the various operations of raw materials are very strict. When we produce polyurethane prepolymers, it is sometimes necessary to concentrate the raw materials. So how is this achieved?

1. When concentrating polyurethane prepolymer raw materials, the rubber particles should be appropriately larger, and the rubber particles of the raw materials are not allowed to have requirements according to the use of the raw materials. Adjustments should be made during the concentration of raw materials for polyurethane products.

2. Storage stability period, at least one year or more. Of these three aspects, the rubber particles used as raw materials for polyurethane prepolymers should be the main one, especially when the concentration is high, the larger the particle size is required.

3. It should also be noted that if there is no gel at that time, there will be a small particle size and high viscosity, resulting in limited use and low application value. The pressure concentration method is to increase the particle size by pressure and temperature treatment, and then evaporate and concentrate to produce high-concentration polyurethane prepolymer raw materials.

These operations first require us to ensure the rationality of the raw materials, and then observe and pay attention to problematic areas, especially when dealing with rubber particles and concentration changes.